Our idea for establishing a mobile apps division was born out of a passion to see schools fully embrace 21st century technology to increase the communication between schools and its stakeholders (parents, students, community members, etc.). In today's world, schools should be able to provide key information and have this information at the fingertips of their stakeholders. Here's where you can enter in text. Feel free to edit, move, delete or add a different page element.



Pop-up messages and instant alerts.

Remind parents of upcoming events or changes. No longer do parents need to turn up to rained-out sports carnivals.


Send absentee notes on the go, hassle-free.

Sick notes can be handled through our school apps, preventing their disappearance in transit. It also gives the school office valuable time lost previously to paperwork.


Publish school newsletters.

Our mobile apps publish school newsletters that can be read by parents, whether they are by the school gate or at their child’s after-school activities. This convenience not only increases readership but reduces a school’s carbon footprint.


Locate school activities and events with Google Maps.

Our mobile apps help parents know when activities or events near and when their child’s notes are due. Our mobile apps use Google Maps to pinpoint all venues used by schools, avoiding the sight of lost, stressed parents on their way to a school event.


Integration of social media and online payment systems.

This is an optional feature for schools that is convenient and efficient, promoting the system to parents.


Secure and easy to access.

Our Mobile Apps are native apps that are installed on parents’ phones. As well as being a format parents feel comfortable using, native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.


Use the latest and greatest technologies.

We provide our apps on all platforms and at one cost. This means that regardless of a parents’ smartphone brand, Android or iPhone, our mobile apps will work.


Mobile App Pricing for Schools
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